August 28, 2008
March 5, 2008

Patriotic laptop skins anyone?

Want to express your patriotic feelings? No problem with these laptop skins:

These are only some examples. You can find much many more if you click here (affiliate link).

November 1, 2007

How to apply a laptop skin (or skin your laptop!) 

If you ever wondered how to apply your just bought skin to your laptop here is a quick video.

October 22, 2007

What a wonderful world…

It is not actually laptop skins related. This is for all of you today that need a friendly hug or a pat on a back. 
October 13, 2007

Some cool laptop skins I found on flickr

Here is a girls laptop skin

Nature is always very artistic

Here is my favorite one  

October 12, 2007

Designer laptop skins, yes they are coming believe it or not!

October 11, 2007
This is pure coolness… Can your Laptop look this cool out of factory?

This is pure coolness… Can your Laptop look this cool out of factory?

Laptop skins craziness… or not?

With laptops now used all the time and everywhere there are couple of good reasons why would you like to use a laptop skin.

  • Fresh start - Are you bored of the way your laptop looks? Instead of getting a shiny new one, for as little as $20 bucks you can totally change the way it looks and you feel about it
  • Laptop skins are great for marketing purposes. Having a business logo signifies your marketing presence
  • Laptop skin is great way to protect your laptop
  • Laptop skins is quite easy to buy

You just need to think what would you like to have on your laptop. To start with here is a site (affiliate link) with some example designs. You can even pick a skin for your iPod or mobile phone but that’s a whole another story :)

Laptop skins - beautiful, cool and delicate

Laptop skins are relatively new product that hit the markets in 2004-2005. With the rapid sales of laptop computers, a need for customizing their looks arise. Logically, people invented ways to do this and a new product was made - a laptop skin.